DIY :: Fabulous Folding Chairs

We all have those plain, boring folding chairs that we keep stacked in our basement or closet and only bring out for big gatherings. With the holidays fast approaching, family gatherings will be in abundance and those chairs will make another appearance. I, personally, always hate when I am stuck sitting on those chairs, mostly because they are so ugly. So I was very excited when I came across this DIY idea to deal with the look of these extra chairs:

Apartment Therapy posted about a great DIY idea they found on Design for Mankind. By swapping out the plain fabric and giving the frame a fresh coat of paint, you can give new life to your old folding chairs. The chairs will no longer be a bore, but instead worthy of being part of the party! Now these functional chairs can also be fun:

Head on over to Design for Mankind for full instructions on this creative DIY!

The finished product!

It’s even a fun idea to makeover cheap extra seating for first-time apartment dwellers. Folding chairs are easy and inexpensive but now they don’t have to be so cheap looking :)

Images via Apartment Therapy and Design for Mankind.

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