Wristwear Style Tips

Jewelry is always a big part of an outfit and can really pull it all together. But piling on the right bangles and bracelets isn’t always the easiest thing to do, it can sometimes be a bit of an art. But don’t fear, once you get the hang of it, it is fun to mix and match your collection of wrist flair to work for every outfit!

The pieces you choose to gather on your wrists can tell a lot about you. Whether you love gold bangles, a chunky watch, or studded bracelets, don’t be afraid to express yourself in your wrist accessories! For me, I can’t go a day without my aquamarine and gold Anthropologie watch. I have started to morph my wardrobe around this one accessory… and I fall in love with anything I see that is aqua. So whether its your favorite color, a certain style you have, or that one accessory you always wear, that can be a starting point to base your wrist wear around. You can stick to a style or just mix it all up to keep them guessing:

Classic. This style is all about clean lines and geometric shapes. The classic look can be nice for the office since it isn’t too distracting. Classic goes with everything, so its hard to go wrong!

Feminine. It is all about sparkle and girly touches! Pair your favorite statement pieces with more dainty and understated bracelets to keep the look grounded. Little romantic details like bows and jewels bring in that femininity.

Edgy. Think studs, chains… and more studs! Don’t be afraid to mix metals and to add in a few leather pieces to tone it all down. Edgy wristwear can be fun to throw into a more feminine outfit and take it up a notch!

Mix It All Up. If you can’t pick just one style, mix them all! This look works when you want a fun, casual look. Just be sure to mix different widths and textures in your pieces.

Images via Indulgy, LaurenConrad.com, Wear In LA, and Pinterest

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